The Office of Human Resources

Employee and Contractor Employee Relations

Brandeis University recognizes the importance and dignity of each Brandeis employee and each contractor employee. The university will actively strive to uphold the following principles, to the best of its ability:

  • Every employee and contractor employee, directly or indirectly, plays a vital role in the university’s academic and research mission. Anyone who works at or for Brandeis has the assurance that employees will be selected, retained and promoted on the basis of qualifications and job performance and/or in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements, regardless of race; color; ancestry; religious creed; gender identity and expression; national or ethnic origin; sex; sexual orientation; age; genetic information; disability; veteran status; or any other category protected by law.
  • Capable, dedicated employees and contractor employees are Brandeis’ greatest assets. Brandeis is committed to the pursuit of excellence in the quality of work life of its employees and contractor employees. The university has the responsibility, rooted in its foundational pillar of social justice, to offer competitive and equitable wages and benefits in an environment that encourages self-development, job satisfaction and safe working conditions. In addition, the university complies with the National Labor Relations Act with respect to unionization and labor/management relations. The university is committed to contracting only with those companies that share this philosophy.
  • Open communication among employees at all levels is the cornerstone of positive, constructive work relationships and the foundation of mutual trust and respect. Each employee and contractor employee should be encouraged to engage in direct, honest discussion with his or her supervisor or manager and/or through the terms outlined in applicable union collective bargaining agreements.
  • In order to create a positive working and living environment for the entire Brandeis community, university employees and contractor employees, students, faculty and administrators can best fulfill their special responsibilities to the university through open dialogue, mutual support, transparency and cooperation.

This Statement of Principles is reflected in the university’s human resources policies and in its contracts with contractors and other outside vendors.