Employment of Family Members

It is the university’s policy that managers and supervisors remain objective in making employment-related decisions such as, but not limited to, appointments, promotions, merit increases, corrective action and terminations.

To assist managers and supervisors in maintaining their objectivity and/or to avoid the appearance of subjective decision-making or favoritism, it is the general policy of the University that family members not be supervised by members of their immediate family.


This policy applies to all staff and faculty members, including those covered by a collective-bargaining agreement between the university and a union.


Definition of Family Member/Same Household

For purposes of this policy, the definition of a member of the immediate family includes parent, grandparent, spouse, domestic partner, child, stepchild, brother, sister, father-in law or mother-in-law, sister-in law or brother-in-law, grandchild, son-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Manager's and Supervisor's Responsibility

Managers and supervisors must consult with the Office of Human Resources if an impending decision related to hiring, transferring or promoting an employee involves a reporting relationship with a family member or if they are aware of any current situations where an employee is involved in supervising or consulted in employment decisions involving a family member. The Office of Human Resources will discuss and advise the department to identify appropriate options in the individual case. Depending upon the circumstances, the policy may be waived for occasional, short-term temporary assignments and in some other situations following discussion with HR's director of employee relations, labor relations and compliance.

While this policy explicitly covers members of the immediate family, this policy shall be interpreted to apply to other situations that are brought to the university’s attention where a manager’s objectivity could appear to be compromised by the relationship, e.g., a roommate or member of immediate household.