The Office of Human Resources

End of Grant-Funded and Gift-Funded Positions

Grant-funded and gift-funded positions are time-limited and contingent upon sufficient funding. As such, termination is handled through this separate policy.


  • All employees in regular full-time and part-time positions who are funded by grants, or who are funded by gifts specifically designated for the creation of such positions.

  • Positions funded by gifts or endowment income, but where the gifts are not specifically targeted to the funding of the positions, are not covered by this policy.


When the term of the grant-/gift-funded position is nearing its end and/or it is clear that additional grant/gift funding is not forthcoming, the department is required to take action. The department should strive to provide grant-/gift-funded employees with as much notice prior to the end of the funding as possible. A minimum notice period of two months is suggested when the end of funding is foreseeable, to provide affected employees with an opportunity to seek another position within the university or elsewhere. If an alternative position is not found nor additional funds secured, the separation date will be the last day of the notice period.

Decisions to eliminate any position, including grant-/gift-funded, must be made by the department head, dean and/or department/program chair, and must be reviewed by the Office of Human Resources prior to giving termination notice. The review is completed through a reduction-in-force template available through the employee relations unit at the Office of Human Resources.

When a position is funded by a grant or specifically designated gift, that information should be included in the appointment or reappointment letter so that the position occupant is aware of the status under this policy.


Upon termination, and consistent with the university’s vacation policy, employees must be paid all unused accrued vacation on their separation date.

Severance Pay

Employees are not eligible for severance pay on grant-/gift-funded employment. Employees whose positions are eliminated under these circumstances, and who have spent part of their Brandeis career in nongrant-/nongift-funded positions, will receive severance benefits based on the period of nongrant-/nongift-funded employment only. For periods of employment with dual funding (grant-/gift-funded and nongrant-/nongift-funded), severance benefits will be calculated under the severance policy and then prorated according to the relative funding proportions. For example, two years of employment with 50% nongrant funding would be calculated as two years of severance benefits multiplied by 50%.

Unemployment Benefits

Employees whose jobs are eliminated in accordance with this policy may apply for unemployment benefits directly with the appropriate state department. The university will accurately report the reason for the separation and will not contest these claims; however, payment eligibility is determined by the state agency, not by the university.

Nothing in this policy shall require the university to continue the employment for the duration of the grant or gift. As with all employees, grant- and gift-funded employees are subject to all other university policies, including corrective action.


The department must notify the Office of Human Resources' employee relations unit and submit the reduction-in-force template; the template will be reviewed, including follow-up questions and potential exploration of alternatives. As much notice as possible should be provided for review of the reduction-in-force template, impact and potential alternatives.

Once the reduction-in-force template is reviewed and approved, a letter is issued to the employee by the department. A sample letter is available from employee relations.

Human resources will then schedule a meeting with the impacted employee(s) to review transition documents, unemployment benefits and other employee benefit information with the employee(s).

In processing the termination with payroll, the Office of Human Resources will notify payroll of the requirement to pay all accrued vacation on the separation date, along with calculation and payment of prorated severance pay (if applicable).

Relevant Documents

  • Reduction-in-force template (department obtains from Office of Human Resources).
  • Sample termination notification letter (department obtains from Office of Human Resources).
  • Health care continuation notice (provided by Office of Human Resources to the employee(s)).
  • Employee change form (submitted to payroll by Office of Human Resources to finalize termination and payments).