Sick Time Off Policy For Nonbenefits-Eligible Faculty

It is the policy of Brandeis University to provide 40 hours of available paid sick leave to faculty not otherwise entitled to benefits.


This benefit is available to all nonbenefits-eligible faculty.


Nonbenefits-eligible faculty shall receive 40 hours of sick time upon hire. Up to 40 hours of accrued sick time per calendar year may be used. Sick leave balances will be restored to 40 hours at the beginning of each calendar year. Sick leave balances may never exceed 40 hours.

Accrued sick time may be used for the following purposes:

Sick time includes time necessary to travel to and from an appointment, a pharmacy or other location related to the purpose for which the time was taken.

When a faculty member learns that he/she will miss a class due to the need to use sick time, he/she must inform her/his chair or dean, and make appropriate arrangements for coverage or rescheduling of the missed classes. If a class session is rescheduled to accommodate a faculty member's absence, it must be rescheduled at a time when all students are able to attend.

Documentation may be requested for any leave exceeding three days. Any medical documentation requested should be submitted to HR's director of benefits for review. No unused accrued sick leave will be paid at the end of employment.