Work Related Injury

Faculty and staff who are injured in the course of their employment may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

These benefits are made available in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 152 of the Massachusetts General Laws. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to injured workers whose injury arises out of and in the course of their employment.


This policy applies to Brandeis staff, faculty and postdocs.


Workers’ compensation coverage includes a weekly cash benefit and payment for medical expenses relating to an employee’s accidental injury incurred while at work for the university. An employee who is injured while at work for the university must notify his/her immediate supervisor and the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible.

The university is self-insured for workers’ compensation. Claims are reviewed and managed by a third-party administrator.

Vacation and sick leave benefits for staff will accrue only during the first six months of an extended period of recuperation following an accepted workers’ compensation case. Vacation and sick leave accruals will accrue at 60% of an employee’s regular accrual, commensurate with the amount of pay received from workers’ compensation. Health and dental benefits will continue on a cost-sharing basis based on length of service in accordance with the following schedule:

Length of Service Length of Coverage
Up to 2 years 3 months
2 to 5 years 6 months
5 to 9 years 9 months
Over 9 years 12 months

After this period, individuals may continue participation in the plan(s) at their own expense (100% of the premium). Participation in the plan(s) may continue for a maximum of 24 months.

For purposes of this policy, 24 months is measured from the date workers' compensation benefits commence. Participation in the plan(s) will terminate the earlier of the following events:

  • The first of the month in which the employee reaches age 65.
  • The date the employee becomes eligible for Medicare.
  • The first of the month in which the employee fails to submit their health and/or dental insurance premium.

Every effort will be made to ensure that an appropriate position is available when the injured individual is able to return to work. However, no position will be held open longer than 12 months.