Eizenstat Israel Travel Grant

Eizenstat grantee with Ambassador Eizenstat

Eizenstat grantee Mya Goodman with Ambassador Eizenstat

Please note: The current war and related tensions may impact University-sponsored travel to Israel, and thus the awarding of these grants. 

The Frances Taylor Eizenstat '65 Israel Travel Grants are competitive grants of up to $2,500 each, awarded to students from any Brandeis department pursuing academic or career interests in Israel.

The program was established in 2013 in memory of Frances Taylor Eizenstat '65, a Brandeis alumna who first visited Israel through the Brandeis Hiatt program in 1963.

Read about three of our 2021 grant recipients in "How a Trip to Israel Changes You".

This wide-reaching grant covers academic pursuits in science and business, as well as social sciences, humanities and arts. It was created to provide impetus for students to travel to Israel to learn Hebrew, intern in social justice projects, NGOs, Israeli companies and laboratories, participate in research projects from archaeology to contemporary issues, engage in professional training, conduct a senior thesis project, or join academic programs such as Brandeis study abroad.

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