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What does it mean to be a Jew in America today?

What is the relationship between Jews of the diaspora and Israel?

How do we educate the next generation of American Jews?

What is the connection between Judaism and social justice?

Why is antisemitism on the rise?

The Jewish Experience is Brandeis' online community and platform dedicated to exploring these questions and the other most pressing issues facing Jews and Judaism today.

Here, you will find research by Brandeis' world-class faculty on Jewish history, culture and traditions. You will find articles on how our students and alumni are transforming Judaism, leading Jewish organizations and practicing tikkun olam on campus and beyond.

Brandeis was founded in 1948 by the American Jewish community, and Jewish values are a source of enduring vitality for the university. By educating the next generation of Jewish leaders, undertaking groundbreaking scholarship and promoting social justice, Brandeis is uniquely positioned to enrich Jewish intellectual life and help build a strong, vibrant Jewish community.

The Framework for the Future, which lays out a vision for the university in the years ahead, states: "Brandeis, as the only secular American university founded by Jews, remains fully committed to supporting the Jewish community, in all its diversity, and Jewish traditions."

The Jewish Experience reflects that commitment.


The Jewish Experience welcomes story submissions and suggestions for articles from Brandeis alumni, students, staff and faculty. Please email a brief description — two or three paragraphs — of the article, video or other media you are proposing, along with a brief bio to the Jewish Experience.


Lawrence Goodman, editor

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