Digital and Creative Services

A student wearing headphones is pointing to a computer screen where he is editing a video

The Sound and Image Media Studios provides training and support for project work in video production, audio production, digital photography, graphic design and animation.

Digital Humanities Lab

The Digital Humanities Lab brings together students and faculty to pursue humanistic research questions through digital tools, methods and practices.

Unlike other makerspaces, the Brandeis MakerLab is organized around a social justice vision that emphasizes broad access to innovation expertise and technologies as well as the positive impact that innovation can make in the world.

Automation Lab

The new lab on Farber Level 1 serves as a place where faculty, students, staff, researchers and others can come together to rapid-prototype electronic sensor data collection and actuation systems with rentable gear, step-by-step guides, and back-end equipment.

The Library provides access to spatial data sources, mapping tools, GIS training resources, and books related to GIS.