What is ORCID?

ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor ID) is a non-profit organization supported by a global community of researchers and organizations. The goal of this organization is to connect researchers and to enable collaboration in global scholarship. With an ORCID ID, each researcher gains a personal, unique identifier and gains control over their scholarly identity.

Register for an ORCID ID

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What Are the Benefits of An ORCID ID?

  • Build your profile and enhance the visibility of your work.

  • Personal, unique identifier distinguishes you from other researchers with a similar name

  • Asserting agency over scholarly identity

  • Your personal information is not shared, you control what you share

  • Connection to a global community of researchers

  • All of your scholarly activities can be listed in one place and only trusted organizations can be linked to you

  • Data providers, including CrossRef and MLA International Bibliography populate ORCID profiles.

  • ORCID ID is designed to be a career-long identifier; your ID goes with you regardless of your institution.

  • Use your ORCID profile page to share information about your research activities and outputs.

Why Bother With an ORCID ID?

  • Some publishers require ORCID IDs before submitting work for peer review

  • Some publishers require ORCID IDs for reviewers

  • Some funding agencies embed ORCID IDs into funding workflows

  • Some professional organizations and societies use ORCID IDs as part of their membership information and conference workflows.