Class Correspondent

My request for comments on the 2014 midterms produced many responses from the Class of 1953. The response from Ruth Abrams Goldberg, P’77, was short and to the point: “My only comment on the elections — Hillary in 2016.” Elliot Morrison is finding retirement pretty relaxing. He is healthy, despite suffering a broken elbow while playing tennis, and stays in shape. About the elections he says, “I, for one, as an unaffiliated voter who considers himself ‘center left,’ am quite OK with the results. If the Republicans prove to be a creative force for accomplishment (not likely in my estimation), then that benefits us all. If they are only able to continue the path they’ve been on for the past several years (obstruction), they’ll suffer in 2016. I don’t find the Democratic Party much more creative than the Republican Party.” Marshall Sterman, P’80, P’83, passed along his own “obituary,” as written by a fellow member of the Harvard Business School Class of 1955: “Marshall Sterman, 83, lately of Swampscott, Mass., disappeared last Tuesday in the vicinity of the Italian Community Center in Beverly, and is presumed ‘gone.’ Mr. Sterman, a legendary venture capitalist, had left home early to vote for Charlie Baker IV, son of his classmate, Charlie Baker III, the successful candidate for governor. Usually good at numbers, Mr. Sterman figured that CDB IV was entitled to four votes from him, albeit at four voting places. Because Mr. Sterman now makes only right turns in his car, trouble followed. Presumably, Mr. Sterman miscounted the right turns required to make a left, became discouraged, and headed for gin rummy in Beverly, where his car, festooned with Baker stickers, was found abandoned near the Community Center. Police are questioning ardent supporters of Foster Furcolo. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests angel investors embrace him.”

Lou Lindauer wonders whether anyone can confirm the identities of the two people shown in the first photo in the "Rules of Engagement" feature in Brandeis Magazine's Summer 2014 issue. Could they be the late Lee Heilpern Cron ’55 and the late Ted Cron? Lou writes, “Both were very good friends of mine. I may even have taken the photo.” Al Zadig wrote, “My wife is deeply involved in her work as a volunteer at the Oxford (Mass.) Ecumenical Food Shelf, a program that provides free food to the poor. In honor of her 80th birthday, the people of my congregation purchased 80 turkeys for distribution to needy families at Thanksgiving. At a time when ISIS beheads people and rabbis at prayer are slaughtered in a synagogue in Israel, it’s refreshing to know that something good can happen, even if it is just feeding the hungry.”

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