Class Correspondent

I am in the midst of my first year at Fordham’s School of Law. I volunteer at Rikers Island prison, where I teach constitutional law to the juvenile division.

Rebecca Berger works in publicity and marketing at Hachette Books, in New York City. She recently visited John Wong in Southeast Asia. Angela Chau is a consultant at Accenture. She lives in Boston and likes to travel and catch up with Brandeisians in the city. Dafna Gamzeh is managing clients’ health insurance at Singer Nelson Charlmers, a risk-strategies firm. Her husband, Liron, is completing his dental residency. The couple lives in New Jersey. Dan Katz reports he started a new job as chief of staff to Arianna Huffington at the Huffington Post Media Group in New York City, following two “fantastic” years at Harvard’s Kennedy School working for David Gergen. He looks forward to reconnecting with Brandeisians in the city. Michelle Kuchinsky is a research assistant at the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. Her work supports the union’s organizing campaigns for meat-packing plants and grocery stores. Myles Tyrer Vasell is the in-house videographer at New York City’s Gateway Counseling Center, where he is producing a feature documentary and a series of educational animations. He also takes on many more freelance projects than he should but enjoys the challenge.

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