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Amy Golahny, the Logan Richmond Professor of Art History at Lycoming College, serves as president of the Historians of Netherlandish Art, an international organization that promotes Dutch and Flemish art. Allen Keme retired in July and returned to the Orlando, Fla., area. He spends his days drinking coffee, surfing the Web on his tablet and serving as a docent at a local wildlife park. This year, he plans to travel to Nicaragua to train to be a torcedor (cigar roller). Jakki Kouffman lives in Santa Fe, N.M., with her husband, Jonathan Sperber. She worked as a painting instructor for 14 years and has led painting workshops around the United States. Her paintings hang in public, private and corporate collections. For more info, see Janet Lewis is chair of the theater department at Wesleyan College, where her most recent production was Caryl Churchill’s “Far Away.” With her husband, playwright Robert Fieldsteel, she has co-authored five new plays, all of which she directed, including their last, “Genius,” an ironic look at the lives and works of Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas and their various cronies. Francine Koslow Miller is now a certified art and personal property appraiser. She is pursuing a certificate in art and antiques appraisal at the Rhode Island School of Design. David Paskind and Adrienne Kertes Paskind became grandparents for the second time when Averie Layne was born on June 16, 2014. David and Adrienne’s first granddaughter, Ayla Brooke, turned 3 on Jan. 29. On her 63rd birthday, as she battles Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Rebecca Pepkowitz swam 63 laps, cheered on by a virtual audience of illustrious friends, including but not limited to Vincenzo Sinatra ’72, Susan Piela Saletnik, Donna Livingston, Kathy Wolf, Danny Klein ’74, James Montford ’74, Minx Fuller ’74, Murdoch Gibbs ’72, Ann Rudinger, Tom Hamilton, Roz Farinella, Manny Rivera ’74, Yan-Poh Loh ’72, Yvonne Tavares, Naomi Vega, Nancy Forse, Charles Mazel, Margaret O’Toole, Tommy Minton, Malcolm Hall, Albert Silliman ’74 and honorary Brandeisian Kate Bunker, from Smith College. In August, Rebecca and her husband, Gerry Gilstrop, enjoyed a fabulous Alaskan honeymoon cruise — 23 years, 7 months and 21 days after they actually stood under the chuppah. Peter Wortsman’s travel memoir, “Ghost Dance in Berlin: A Rhapsody in Gray,” won a 2014 Independent Publishers Book Award. His play “Burning Words” premiered in German translation at the Kulturhaus Osterfeld in Pforzheim, Germany, last year.

Court time

COURT TIME: Philadelphia-area alumni watched the 76ers edge the Indiana Pacers, 93-92, at the Wells Fargo Center. Lee Brooks ’73, P’13 (left), served as the event chair.

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