Class Correspondent

David Bass joined Spiceworks in Austin, Texas, as community manager. He had worked at Carbine Studios as community lead. He writes, “After living in Southern California for two years, I really missed being near my friends and family, so I left in May and headed back to Austin.” A total of 45 alumni attended the wedding of Adam Eisenberg and Michelle Liberman, both IBS MA’10, on Aug. 10, 2014, in Newport, R.I. Adam is a research associate at Fidelity Investments, and Michelle is pursuing her MBA at MIT Sloan. Gabrielle Helfgott ran the Bay State Marathon for the first time and did so well that she qualified for the Boston Marathon. Matthew Jennings is director of global marketing at the Cambridge Institute of International Education, a startup he joined four years ago. He is responsible for increasing awareness in foreign markets about American schools. Matthew travels to China several times a year, which allows him to make the most of his East Asian studies degree. Jacob Kann and Alysha Bedig were engaged last year and will be getting married in September in Washington, D.C. Jess Kent will earn a master’s degree in organizational behavior in May. Leila (Alciere) Parks started a job as a special-education teacher at UP Academy Holland, a Level 5 restart school and part of the Boston Public Schools. She writes, “It’s really exciting being a living part of education policy in Massachusetts.” Zach Pyle married Miri Libman on Nov. 16, 2014, in Cliffside Park, N.J. They met at the wedding of Binny Kagedan ’08 at the very same venue. The couple lives on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Kate Rubin-Marx and Jonathan Freed were married on Nov. 2, 2014, in New Rochelle, N.Y. Justin Sulsky teaches gifted and talented students in the Northport-East Northport School District, in New York. He is also pursuing a certificate in educational leadership at Hofstra. Justin interned a Nassau County Superintendent of Schools last summer.

Newport festivities

NEWPORT FESTIVITIES: Dozens of alumni attended the wedding of Adam Eisenberg and Michelle Liberman, both ’09, IBS MA’10, on Aug. 10, 2014, in Newport, R.I. Front row: Hila Landesman ’11, Sarah Rueven ’09, Mollie Warshaw ’09, Michelle, Adam, Jenna Berger ’09, Sara Eisenberg ’13, Allie Levy ’09 and Alysha Bedig ’09. Second row: Matt Butnaru ’09; Michael Katz ’09; Michael Rosenblatt ’09; Jacob Kann ’09; Samuel Shoolman ’09; Marc Kim ’09; David Packard ’09; Jonathan Blanc ’09, IBS MA’10; Daniel Rueven ’09; Elizabeth McDonough ’09; Jamie Jick ’09; Kira Birenzweig ’09; Ariel Fried ’09; and Emily Greenberg ’09. Back row: Jesse Klebanow ’09, Jamie Ansorge ’09, Benjamin Strassfeld ’09, Jonah Mandell ’09, Michael Greenberg ’08 and Bradford Kazemi, IBS MA’09. Not pictured: Jeremy Berk ’07, MA IBS’08; Jonathan Eskow ’08; Danielle Eskow ’08; Daniel Feuer ’08; Alissa Gross ’10; Josh Hochman ’09; Jonathan Huz ’08; David Magid ’08; Emily Rosenfield ’08; Alex Silberman ’08; Amanda Kelly ’08; Jonathan Weinstein ’07; David Goodtree ’84; Leslie Gordon ’84; Glenn Levine ’80; and Alisa Levine ’80.

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