Naima (Wallenrod) Prevots has written a chapter for a book, “A Grassroots Leadership and the Arts for Social Change Primer,” in which she discusses arts education and her work at the Henry Street Settlement. “This is my look back at arts for social change from the 1950s through the 1990s,” she says. During her long career, Evelyn (Buckler) Sheffres, who holds an MFA in expressive therapy from Lesley College, supervised student teachers at Simmons College and taught classes in the arts. She specializes in the art of enameling. Her many commissions include creating mezuzot for offices in Brandeis’ Women’s Studies Research Center and a yahr­zeit wall at Temple Beth Abraham in Nashua, New Hampshire. In 2016, she donated the contents of her enameling studio to the Cape Cod Museum of Art and moved to Carlsbad, California, where she continues to work in various media and exhibit. Marc Wiesenfeld and Manfred Wolf sent in memories of their friends Paul Lucas and Marvin Sloves, who recently passed away. “Marvin, who was always positive and cheerful, was also brilliant, and became a major advertising executive,” writes Marc. “Paul was thoughtful, highly intellectual and thoroughly, seriously principled,” Manfred says. “[As a student,] he seemed more thoroughly devoted to rigor than our professors were, as if he had leapt over a number of decades in a year or two at Brandeis.”

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