Elizabeth Alexander reports she is getting close to retirement — her last class action case is set to close in mid-2023. She enjoys being with her grandchildren and reading about evolution and politics, among other topics. She’s looking forward to her class reunion and says, “I still remember Brandeis as perhaps the happiest four years of my life.” Elliot Frank writes that he is “theoretically retired from teaching high school science” but keeps “getting dragooned into long-term assignments — teaching biology, chemistry, even physics. Big focus always on the traps of pseudoscience, and what truth means in science.” Robert Greenberg lives in Moab, Utah. During the pandemic, his daughter (a CDC doctor), son-in-law and two grandchildren were evacuated from Mozambique and stayed with him for about nine months (“the proverbial silver lining,” Robert says). He’s looking to buy a summer home on Maine’s Blue Hill Peninsula. Louis Hirsh writes about Barry Andelman ’63, who passed away in June: “For those of us who were Brandeis undergraduates in the early to mid-1960s, Barry was an unmistakable presence on campus — the voice of ‘Music One Listening Hour’ on Brandeis radio; the R.A. who kept a live owl in his room; the assistant dean of students and hall director who taught all of us out-of-staters to love Boston; the guy who could give you advice on how to travel (anywhere); and a de facto counselor and shoulder to cry on. During my years at Brandeis, I shared more sidesplitting belly laughs with him than anyone else I would know for the rest of my life. Thank you for that, Barry.” Ralph Propper is president of the Environmental Council of Sacramento, California. The group is currently focused on climate-change action plans. In October, the Pennsylvania Innocence Project honored Howard Scher, its immediate past president, with a Hero of Justice Award. The nonprofit works to exonerate those convicted of crimes they did not commit.

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