Marian Bass, P’18, reports she and Jane Kaufman, with husbands in tow, got together for the first time since the start of the pandemic. They’re hoping Dale Morse joins them next time. Last summer, Betsy (Sarason) Pfau and husband Dan ’73 enjoyed seeing Ilene Miller and Donald Friedman, both P’13, and Francine Ladd Sohn on Martha’s Vineyard. Betsy reports that Dan is recovering well from an accident he had in July. For the fifth-straight year, the Daily Journal named Michael Rubin of the San Francisco law firm Altshuler Berzon one of California’s Top 100 attorneys. Michael specializes in public-interest and public-policy class actions and appeals. Gail Shister has become a grandma to a baby boy, born to Gail’s daughter on Sept. 14. Khan Zahid writes, “We can have a Brandeis Bangladeshi alumni club in Charlotte, North Carolina. A friend’s daughter is getting married to a Brandeis graduate, and we met a new friend here who is herself a Brandeis graduate.” Khan’s daughter is finishing her fourth year of medical school, his son is a computer analyst at a bank, and his wife is a computer analyst at a financial services company. In August and October, Gary Zellerbach (on guitar) and George Kahn ’73 (on piano) performed sold-out jazz concerts as members of the George Kahn Quartet.
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