Nina Rubinstein Alonso, GSAS MA’63, PhD’70, writes, “I’m working on a novel, ‘Balancing on One Leg,’ and a story collection. I still teach ballet privately on Zoom and in my private home studio (a few fully vaccinated teens and adults, in masks).” (Mona) Jerusha Hull McCormack, GSAS MA’66, PhD’73, won the Special Book Award of China for her outstanding contribution to the introduction of contemporary Chinese culture overseas. The award covers her publications of the past 20 years, including two books on comparative China/West culture, and two on China-Republic of Ireland relations. Robert Pollack, GSAS PhD’66, and wife Amy ’64 celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in December. Robert has been a professor of biological sciences at Columbia University since 1978. He is also acting president of West End Synagogue, a Reconstructionist congregation in New York City. James Dashow, GSAS MFA’69, is the composer of “Archimedes,” an opera designed to be performed in a planetarium, which has been released on a three-CD set by Neuma Records. Jacob Hen-Tov, GSAS MA’68, PhD’69, is professor emeritus of strategic and Eurasian studies at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, in Garmisch, Germany. He recently completed eight YouTube presentations of interviews he conducted with Communist and former underground Zionist leaders who played a major role in the establishment of the State of Israel. Jacob is the author of the 1974 book “Communism and Zionism in Palestine” and the 2017 book “Communism and Zionism in Palestine During the British Mandate.”

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