Daniel Falkoff writes, “Still working at age 71. Might be smart to try something new.” Marjorie (Waltman) Feldman in April will have a solo show of Judaic paintings at the Chase Family Gallery, in West Hartford, Connecticut. Grover Gilmore writes, “I retired last summer after 46 years at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University as a member of the psychology and social work faculty. I enjoyed teaching and doing research on cognition and perception, with a focus on adult aging and Alzheimer’s disease, and for 20 years I served as dean of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences. Now, I am enjoying more time with Linda and our children and grandchildren. Life is good.” Billy Keyserling reports he is helping young students discover “good, bad and ugly” stories about the history of America’s Reconstruction era. As part of this work, he has written a book, “Sharing Common Ground: Promises Unfulfilled but Not Forgotten.” Billy enjoyed a long public-service career, including 12 years as mayor of Beaufort, South Carolina. “This 73-year-old optimist’s hope is the next generation can learn from our mistakes and make this a better world for all,” he says. When David Maeir-Epstein came to the U.S. to gain support for his Good Neighbors Abu Tor project in Jerusalem, he visited with Ruth Witztum; Michael Swartz, P’08; David Tabachnik; Jonathan Barkan; and Bruce Phillips, who hosted him in LA. Rabbi Leslie Keiter Tannenwald, GSAS MA’76, P’05, who officiates at life-cycle events for Jews and non-Jews, was invited to join the 18Doors referral list. She has performed more than 700 weddings.

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