David Goldberg writes, “Within one week in early July, I lost both of my roommates. Stuart Damon was a featured actor in Broadway musicals and TV musical productions, but he was best-known for his decades-long starring role in the daytime serial ‘General Hospital.’ David Cohen was an internist who took a three-year residency in pulmonary medicine and opened an office in Great Neck, New York, bringing in other internists with complementary subspecialties. The practice became the go-to for quality medical care in Nassau County. These were two Brandeisians who distinguished themselves in very different career choices. ‘May deeds of thy children,’ indeed.” Ellen Harriman writes, “Hanging in there — alive and fairly well. Living a rural life in la belle France. Surprisingly, quite a few other expats around, especially from California (fires, floods, the homeless, high taxes). So sad to see what has happened to the USA. Il faut cultiver nos jardins!Annette Miller, GSAS MFA’76, played Martha Mitchell in the play “Martha Mitchell Calling,” which can still be viewed on the Shakespeare and Co. website. She also had the lead in the Zoom film “You Will Not Play Wagner,” produced by the Jewish Arts Collaborative, and appears alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in the Netflix film “Don’t Look Up.” The Terezin Music Foundation invited Annette to read “Brundibár” at Boston Symphony Hall for their gala fundraiser, which featured Yo-Yo Ma. Gerald Pearlman is married to Raya Burdman and has two sons, Avram and Isaac, and a grandson, Rio. He was appointed by Jerry Brown to the California Public Broadcasting Commission; founded Marin Community Video, the first public-access organization in California; and worked as a program analyst at the Office of Economic Opportunity. Peter Ranis continues to be active in the field of political economy and labor studies, and in the City University of New York’s faculty and staff union. In 2021, he reviewed two books, one on the Argentine middle-class revolt and another on socialist practice, for the Journal of Labor and Society. Last summer, he and his partner, Jacqueline, spent time in Quoque, Long Island, instead of Florence, Italy (“We all know why,” he writes). Gerald Segel and wife Roberta have been married 60 years, and have three children and seven grandkids (five boys and two girls). They will soon become great-grandparents: Two of their grandsons’ wives are expecting. Though he’s now a full-time resident of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Gerald says he will always be a Bostonian.

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