Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

IRG 2 (Soft Active Materials) Workshop

IRG2 Workshop attendees group photo.
The January 10, 2023 IRG2 Workshop was a trainee-organized all-day workshop for all MRSEC members to gain hands-on experience with IRG2 (Soft Active Materials) computational and experimental training and collaboration. Attendees listened to a variety of talks on active matter and using computerized modeling for active matter research, then split into lab groups to learn how to perform experimental work on active matter using microtubules. In the process theorists and experimentalists learned from each other and built stronger ties for research collaboration across the center.

The IRG2 Workshop was organized over several months of planning by trainees Bennett Sessa, Rémi Boros, Layne Frechette, Danny Hellstein, Chris Amey and Phu Tran. Trainees Amélie Chardac, Salman Alam and Zahra Zarei prepared and ran the experimental lab components of the workshop, while Kanaya Malakar and Sarvesh Uplap were among those who gave talks. MRSEC members at all levels participated in this day of science, food, and fun.

Workshop Materials
Hand's On: Active Matter Experiments for Everyone
How to Model Active Matter with Particles & Fields

Read here to learn more about the work performed by IRG2 at Brandeis MRSEC.


IRG2 Workshop Schedule
Drs. Duclos, Baskaran and Fraden looking at a liquid container.
Several MRSEC members examining training materials.
Several MRSEC members looking over a problem together.
Amelie Chardac instructing attendees on IR2 lab tools.
Workshop attendees learning to use IRG2 lab tools.
MRSEC members using IRG2 lab tools.
Remi Boros removing samples from a lab freezer.
Layne Frechette giving a powerpoint presentation.
Bennett Sessa gloving up for workshop training.