Undergraduates (REU and SMURF)

The MRSEC supports two undergraduate programs, Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) and Summer Materials Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SMURF).

The programs ran from June 1-August 7, 2020.


Joy Barnes
Hampton University: Forensic Chemistry
Hosted by Bing Xu
Jihaad Barnett
Hampton University: Physics
Hosted by Seth Fraden
Leonora Blodgett
Swarthmore College: General Engineering
Hosted by Hongfu Liu and Pengyu Hong
Niara Chaney
Hampton University: Electrical Engineering
Hosted by Seth Fraden
Maurice Smith
Hampton University: Computer Engineering
Hosted by Bing Xu


Julia Apiki
Brandeis University: Chemical Biology and Biology
Hosted by Avital Rodal
Lance Babcock
Brandeis University: Biochemistry
Hosted by Guillaume Duclos
Rosa Gil
Brandeis University: Biology
Hosted by Bruce Goode
Daniel Hariyanto
Brandeis University: Biological Physics and Computer Science
Hosted by Ben Rogers
Zhaonan Li
Brandeis University: Computer Science
Hosted by Seth Fraden and Pengyu Hong
Jiashu Xu
Brandeis University: Chemistry
Hosted by Bing Xu