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IRG1 (Self-Limiting Assembly) Workshop

Irg1 Workshop Group Photo

January 8, 2024 | IRG1 Workshop 

The January 8, 2024 IRG1 Workshop was a trainee-organized all-day workshop for all MRSEC members to gain hands-on experience with IRG1 (Self-Limiting Assembly) computational and experimental training and collaboration. Attendees listened to a variety of talks on self-limiting assembly and using computerized modeling for self-assembly research, then split into lab groups to learn how to create DNA origami. In the process theorists and experimentalists learned from each other and built stronger ties for research collaboration across the center.

The IRG1 Workshop was organized over several months of planning by trainees Anthony Trubiano, Daichi Hayakawa, Madhurima Roy, Michael Wang, Naren Sundararajan, Pragya Arora, Rupam Saha, Simon Liu, Smriti Pradhan, Thomas Videbaek, and Wei-Shao Wei. MRSEC members at all levels participated in this day of science, food, and fun.

Workshop Materials
CadnanoSQ Interface
Installing caDNAno on your laptop
Wet Lab Section: Building DNA Origami Tubule
Tutorial: Self-limiting Assembly Thermodynamics and Kinetics
IRG1 workshop schedule