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NSF: Bioinspired Soft Materials Center blurs boundaries between the animate and inanimate.

The Brandeis Materials Research in Science and Engineering Center funds research within Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs).

Highlights of IRG research are reported on an on-going basis to the NSF MRSEC program.

Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs)

IRGs are composed of Brandeis faculty who, with their students and postdoctoral associates, investigate fundamental scientific questions and pathways to reach significant technological goals that can only be properly explored in a collaborative, multidisciplinary mode. These problems are too large in scope to be addressed by individual faculty members and their students. The research goals and accomplishments are reviewed regularly so that appropriate adjustments can be made to insure the quality of the Center's research effort.

IRG 1  Membrane-based Materials (MbM)

IRG 2  Biological Active Materials (BAM)