Arts for Life: African Voices

A podcast series exploring arts, culture and social change

A partnership between Brandeis University, USA, and Maseno University, Kenya

Episode 1 — a pilot featuring Gcina Mhlophe and Kim Berman

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Two photos stacked together, one of Gcina Mhlophe, one of Kim BermanTop: Gcina Mhlophe. Bottom: Kim Berman
Photo credit: STIAS

In the first episode of "Arts for Life: African Voices," we hear songs, stories, and poetry composed and performed by Gcina Mhlophe, the South African storyteller, author and anti-apartheid activist, along with commentary from Kim Berman, associate professor at the University of Johannesburg and the co-founder and executive director of Artist Proof Studio.

Arts for Life: African Voices grew out of "Being Human Today: The Theory and Practice of Social Transformation through the Arts," a Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies colloquium abroad, convened at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study, in December 2015.

Our host is Kitche Magak, head of the department of literary studies at Maseno University in Kenya, who co-produced this series with the Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts at Brandeis University. The episode was edited by David Briand, who also composed and performed the music.