Bennett Sessa, PhD Candidate
  • Sagar Addepalli, PhD Candidate, "Searching for New Physics in the Higgs sector"
  • Saptorshi Ghosh, PhD Candidate, "Optimal control of bulk active fluids"
  • Francesca Capocasa, PhD Candidate, "Not blinded by the light: how ATLAS will keep seeing particles during the HL-LHC Run"
  • Kanaya Malakar, PhD Candidate, "Origin of polarization correlation in tissues?"
  • Bibi Najma, PhD Candidate, "Multiscale investigation of the emergent behaviors in biomimetic active matter"
  • Daichi Hayakawa, PhD Candidate, "Programming the self-assembly of tubules using DNA origami triangles as building blocks"
  • Arnab Datta, PhD Candidate, "Energy cost of protein gradient formation in cells" 
  • Ian Hunter, PhD Candidate, "Experimental Equivariant Dynamics in a Network of Reaction-Diffusion Oscillators"
  • Zach Schillaci, PhD Candidate, "Searching for Hints of New Physics in Four-lepton Events with the ATLAS Detector"
  • Alexander Hensley, PhD Candidate, "Measuring crystal nucleation and growth of DNA-grafted colloidal particles"
  • Luke Korley, PhD Candidate, "Lux-Zeplin: The Search for Dark Matter"
  • Ali Aghvami, PhD Candidate, "Laser induced protein crystallization"
  • Carl Merrigan, PhD Candidate, "Densely Packed, Hard Active Particles on a Lattice: Effects of Self-Propulsion, Frustration, and Rotation Rate on the Observed Phases"
  • Zachary Sustiel, BS '18, "Active Nematics Under Strong Confinement"
  • Micah Margolis, BS '17, "Modeling the Jet of Quasar 3C 273: Adding Faraday Effects"

  • Farzaneh Mohajerani, PhD Candidate, "Polymorphic icosahedral shells assembling around many cargo molecules"

  • Caleb Wagner, PhD Candidate, "Two-way diffusion equations and stationary distributions of active particles"

  • Elias Putzig, PhD Candidate, "Continuum Theory of an Overdamped Active Nematic"
  • Elan Shatoff, BS '16, "A Statistical Mechanics Model for Discontinuous Shear Thickening in Suspensions"
  • Mahsa Siavashpouri, PhD Candidate, "Helices of Helices"
  • Jacob Gold, BS '15, "Inhibitively Coupled Chemical Oscillators as a Substrate for Logic Gates and Larger Circuits"
  • Feodor Hilitski, PhD candidate, "Measuring Mechanics of Active Microtubules Bundles, One Filement at a Time"
  • Lishibanya Mohapatra, PhD candidate, "How Cells Control the Size of Their Organelles"
  • Adam Wang, BS ' 15, "Controlling Coupled Chemical Oscillators: Towards Synchronization Engineering and Chemical Computation"
  • Stephen DeCamp, PhD candidate, Defects in Active 2D Nematic Liquid Crystals
  • Skyler Kasko, BS '14, Disk Entanglement Entropy in 3D Quantum Field Theory
  • Sumantra Sarkar, PhD candidate, Shear induced rigidity in athermal materials
  • Kathryn E. Weil, BS '14, Optical Spectroscopy of the Restarting Radio Galaxy 3C 219
  • Stefano Zambito, PhD candidate, Chasing the Higgs boson: couplings measurement in the four lepton channel
  • Sandeep Choubey, PhD candidate, Building digitial logic with genes
  • Michal Dichter, BS ' 13, Signatures of Incipient Jamming in Collisional Hopper Flows
  • Gabe Redner, PhD candidate, Phase Behavior of Simple Active Colloids
  • Nate Tompkins, PhD candidate, Turing@101: Establishing the Turing mechanism using synthetic cells
  • Michael Giver, PhD candidate, Stochastic Chemical Oscillations on a Spatially Structured Medium
  • Yuri Levin-Schwartz, BS '12, Going towards the light; single cell phototaxis and collective dynamics of algae
  • Samuel McCandlish, BS '12, Bending and Breaking Time Contours: A World Line Approach to Quantum Field Theory
  • Andy Ward, PhD '12, Friction Between Biological Filaments
  • Netta Engelhardt, BS '11 A New Approach to Solving the Hermitian Yang-Mills Equations
  • Timothy Sanchez, PhD '12 Reconstructing ciliar beating from the ground up
  • Dan Beller, BS '10, How chirality and elasticity determine fluctuations in the edge of a smectic disk
  • Max Bi, PhD candidate, Stress fluctuations in granular materials
  • Nadir Kaplan, PhD candidate, Theory of Chiral Smectic A Liquid Crystalline Membranes
  • Keith Cheveralls BS '09, Biochemistry on a leash: Reaction rates between tethered diffusing particles
  • Mitch Mailman, PhD '11, Jamming in Systems Composed of Frictionless, Ellipse-Shaped Particles
  • Edward Barry, PhD '11, Self-Assembly of Colloidal Membranes
  • Emily Dare, BS '08, The Polarization of the Galactic Microquasar GRS 1915+105
  • Oren Elrad, PhD '12, Mechanisms of Viral Capsid Polymorphism
  • Kathryn Piatelli,BS '07, Computational Applications Used in Microfluidics
  • Daniel Reeves, PhD '08, Membrane Deformations in Ion Channel Gating
  • Eric Evarts, BS '06, Discovery of Frequency-sweeping Millisecond Solar Radio Bursts
  • Silke Henkes, PhD '08, A Field Theory of Jamming
  • Paul Weinger, BS '06, Modeling Dynamic Instability in Microtubules
  • Benjamin Kaplan, BS '05, Study of measuring the Bs lifetime difference using Bs→K+K- decays
  • Ashok Prasad, PhD '06, Polymer dynamics in fluid films
  • Noah Ribeck, BS '05, Phase behavior in granular rods in two dimensions
  • Benjamin Fisher, MS '04, Energy Landscape of Glass Forming Liquids
  • Richard Oberdorf, BS '04, Statistical Topography in Noisy Surfaces
  • Allison Ferguson, PhD '06, Incipient Force Chains in Granular Flows
  • Elana Klein, BS '03, Statistical Topography in Noisy Surfaces
  • Chi (Teddy) Chung, PhD '04, Relativistic Jets Throughout the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Kirstin Purdy, PhD '04, X-ray Synchrotron Study of Colloidal Liquid Crystals
  • Caroline Geisler, PhD '04, Fast Oscillations in a Neural Network
  • Hui Yin, PhD '01, Studies of a frustrated spin model – compressible Ising anti-ferromagnet on a triangular lattice
  • Alexander Krupyshev, PhD '00, Studies of Hydrogen-Terminated Semiconductors by Low Energy Positron Diffraction
  • Gregory Sivakoff, BS '00, Computer Simulation of Relativistic Jets
  • Zvonimir Dogic, PhD '00, fd Virus: A Versatile Model System of Semi-Flexible Polymers
  • Tuhin Vermani, BS '99, Protein Crystallization: Towards a Systematic Method
  • Dan Needleman, BA '98, "Towards a Rational Method of Protein Crystallization: A Study of Lysozyme and PEG"
  • Mark Sobkowicz, MA '95, "Slow Dynamics in a Triangular Ising Antiferromagnet"
  • Dan Homan, PhD '00, "Detection of Circular Polarization in Active Galactic Nuclei with the Very Long Baseline Array"
  • Yonathan Melman, PhD '97, "X-ray Studies of 2-ethoxy-and 2-methoxy-cinnamic Acid"
  • David Olmstead, PhD '99
  • Chun Zheng, PhD '97
  • Zvonimir Dogic, BA '95
  • Lei Gu, PhD '99, "Ordering Transitions with Structural Distortions"
  • Joao Nunes, Phd '96, "Two Dimensional Yang-Mills Theories"
  • George A. Moellenbrock, III,  PhD '99, "22 GHz VLBI Survery in Preparation for Space VLBI"
  • Jian-xin Tang, PhD '95, "Isotropic-cholesteric co-existence and magnetic-field-induced isotropic-nematic phase transition of filamentous bacteriophage fd in suspension"
  • Kirk Hadeed, BA '93, "Computer Generated Holograms"
  • Rong Xie, PhD '97, "A new method of producing Positron Beams"
  • Xiaolei Ao, PhD '92, "Small angle x-ray scattering studies of polymer nematic liquid crystals"
  • Eli Mlawer, PhD '94, "Knots and field theory"