Martin A. Fisher School of Physics

Master of Science in Physics

Two students in a physics lab looking at a computer

We offer a Master of Science degree through our one-year MS program in physics. You may also earn a Master of Arts in teaching degree with a specialization in physics.

The MS program in physics focuses on general graduate-level courses in Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetism, and Statistical Mechanics plus the opportunity to take electives in current research areas pursued by the faculty in the areas of soft condensed matter experiment and theory, astrophysics, string theory and quantum information theory, and experiment particle physics.

Why Brandeis?

The highly ranked Martin A. Fisher School of Physics at Brandeis University has an international reputation for excellence in research. It is located near Boston, a major center of physics research and home to some of the world’s best universities. You’ll enjoy a steady stream of distinguished speakers and important colloquia.


Over the course of two semesters, you will take eight courses and pass written and oral qualifying exams. A master’s thesis in a relevant research area may replace one of the eight courses.

For more information see Typical Curriculum for Physics Master's Program.

“We really collaborate and ask each other for help. It's a very warm environment and everybody loves what they do, which is also important.”

Janna Lowensohn, PhD‘20

Postdoctoral Fellow