Council of the Graduate School

VI.C.2.b. Council of the Graduate School

  • The Council of the Graduate School considers matters related to doctoral programs in all schools and Arts and Sciences master's degree programs (except for "professional" Arts and Sciences master’s degree programs). Subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees, the Council of the Graduate School recommends the establishment or discontinuation of such graduate degree programs and their requirements. The council reviews proposals with respect to these degree programs; makes recommendations for the award of advanced degrees in these programs; and formulates, subject to the approval of the provost and the appropriate school dean, regulations governing these programs. The dean of Arts and Sciences ensures that changes in the graduate curriculum that have important consequences for undergraduate education are brought to the attention of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee for review.

2023-24 Members


  • Charles Golden, Interim Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


  • Caitlin Gillespie, Ancient Greek and Roman Studies
  • Jonathan Anjaria, Anthropology
  • Jeff Gelles, Biochemistry & Biophysics
  • Neil Simister, Biotechnology
  • Klaus Schmidt-Rohr, Chemistry
  • Jordan Pollack, Computer Science PhD Program
  • Liuba Shrira, Computer Science MS Program
  • Sophia Malamud, Computational Linguistics
  • Margery Sokoloff and Rachel Kramer Theodorou, Education
  • John Plotz, English
  • Gretchen Schneider, Genetic Counseling
  • Amy Singer, History
  • Fern Chertok, Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program
  • Thomas Fai, Mathematics
  • Michael Marr, Molecular & Cell Biology PhD Program
  • Maria Miara, Molecular & Cell Biology Master's Program
  • Bradford Garvey (fall) / Emily Frey (spring), Musicology
  • Yu-Hui Chang, Music Composition & Theory
  • Laura Jockusch, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
  • Gina Turrigiano, Neuroscience PhD Program
  • Maria Miara, Neuroscience Master's Program
  • Peter Epstein (fall) / Umrao Sethi (spring), Philosophy
  • Matthew Headrick, Physics
  • Jeffrey Lenowitz (fall) / Kerry Chase (spring), Politics
  • Jennifer Gutsell, Psychology
  • Alfredo Gisholt (fall) / Ariel Freiberg (spring), Studio Art
  • Gowri Vijayakumar, Sociology
  • Xiwen Lu and Pu Wang, Teaching Chinese
  • Sabine von Mering, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • George Hall, International Economics and Finance
  • Lisa Lynch, Heller PhD Program


  • Maryanna Aldrich, Manager, Division of Science Graduate Affairs Office
  • Abigail Arnold, Assistant Director, Operations & Academic Administration, GSAS
  • Jessica Basile, Assistant Dean, Graduate Affairs
  • Lauren Buckley, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs
  • Linda Bui, Associate Dean of Academic Programs, International Business School
  • Alyssa Stalsberg Canelli, Assistant Dean, GSAS, Academic Affairs
  • Joel Christensen, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Richard Cunnane, Assistant Registrar
  • Jaclyn Farina, Assistant Dean, GSAS, Admissions
  • Mark Hewitt, Registrar
  • Chris Nayler, GSAS, Associate Director, Operations, Administration, and Budget, GSAS
  • Olga Papaemmanouil, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Becky Prigge, Assistant Dean, GSAS, Student Affairs
  • Jeffrey Shoulson, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences 
  • Darren Zinner, Associate Dean, Academics, The Heller School

Other GSAS staff as needed.