Centers and Institutes Review Process

Office of the Provost
Jan. 5, 2006

Normally within a period of five years following its establishment, and periodically thereafter, each center or institute will be reviewed by the relevant dean or provost. If reviewing a center or institute with subunits, these will all be reviewed collectively and their interaction will be considered in the review. To provide consistency, the chair of all center review committees will be the vice president for research in the Office of the Provost. (When centers that report to the academic deans are reviewed, the vice president for research will be an ex officio participant in the review process.) At the dean or provost's discretion, a committee composed of internal faculty and external faculty, administrators or other appropriate authorities will be established to visit the campus and conduct the review.

Before leaving the campus, the committee will prepare a written report of its findings and recommendations for the appropriate dean or provost. The recommendations should be designed to enhance the functioning and development of the center or institute. In some circumstances, the recommendations may include alternative organizational arrangements, including phasing out of the unit. In all cases, the recommendations should comment on the functioning of the center or institute in light of the level and type of support provided by the school/university.


Process Sequence