This section includes teaching (courses) activities and service* activities, including any charitable boards you may serve on.

Courses are automatically integrated from Workday. The list includes all courses taught in the last two academic years. Please note that Independent Study courses are not included. If other courses are missing from your activities but listed in Workday, email

Conference presentations should be listed as scholarship, but keynote and plenary speeches should be listed under Activities as events.

Events, consulting, and mentoring are considered activities that may be listed here as a category. Service to the profession and service to the community are also considered activity categories and may be listed here. For a complete listing of activity categories, please see Appendix B.

NOTE: please do not add service to the institution at this time. While this will be required for the Faculty Activity Report, Brandeis is working to enhance the current ScholarWorks capability to record service to the institution in conjunction with the FAR period.