Office of the Provost

Faculty Committees for the Centers and Institutes: Roles and Responsibilities

April 11, 2011

General Responsibilities of Faculty Committees for Centers/Institutes

  • Faculty committees for centers and institutes have two principal purposes. The first is to contribute intellectually and substantively to programs and activities, consistent with available resources and with the formal mission of the center or institute. The second is to help centers and institutes find mutually beneficial ways that they can contribute to the university as a whole.

  • Faculty committees should participate in shaping the programs and activities of centers and institutes, provide advice on staffing and academic appointments, and generate ideas for campus collaborations. Each committee works in concert with the director of the center or institute, who is responsible for policy, management, personnel and budget decisions, and who reports to the provost with regard to these matters.

  • The provost will assess the effectiveness of the committees in three years, examining the effects on faculty, departments and centers/institutes.

General Responsibilities of Faculty Serving on Committees

  • Learn about the center and advise the director about any issues that may arise.

  • Understand the goals of programs offered by the center.

  • Brainstorm about program initiatives.

  • Brainstorm about ways to involve students and faculty with the center.

  • Act as a liaison with departments to develop joint initiatives, sponsorship.

  • Attend center events and incorporate into syllabi when appropriate.

  • Participate and advise on grant proposals.

  • Participate and lead in organization of lectures, programs, events, conferences.

  • Understand the financial "big picture" of the center, including revenues, research, expenses and gift/endowment balances.

  • Suggest fellows, senior fellows.

Appointments to Faculty Committees

  • In consultation with the center/institute directors, the provost appoints the members of the faculty committees for the centers/institutes.

  • Each committee should have a minimum of five members (six, if another center director is included).

  • Faculty should anticipate at least one meeting per semester.

  • Faculty terms should be three years and may be renewed.