Calendar of PhD Evaluation Points

Points Times Possible Sanctions
Whenever work is submitted Any time of the year.

Inform student of his/her progress. Warn of problems.

Annual general evaluation meeting

Each spring. Review of progress based on student self-assessment, teaching evaluations, and in some circumstances, examples of written work. Feedback from the advisor and other faculty is also solicited.

Warning, with or without funding contingencies.

MA submission

Voluntary, but for adequate consideration should be submitted in time to read before desired degree deadline.

Submissions are judged solely on whether or not they are worthy of an MA degree.

Final qualifying portfolio and defense committee meeting

By December 1 of student’s fourth year

Without accreditation, student cannot go on to qualify for PhD.

PhD prospectus By May 1 of student’s fourth year

It may not be approved or accepted by committee.

PhD dissertation

Student’s fifth year and beyond. Any time during the academic year.

It may not be approved or accepted by committee.
PhD defense

Student’s fifth year or beyond. Any time during the academic year (official awarding of the degree in February, May, or August).

May not be approved or accepted by committee, or may require revisions.