Timeline for the Doctoral Program

The Graduate Committee will consider compliance with the following timelines in its annual student evaluation each spring. Students are encouraged to consult this timeline as they complete their annual self-evaluations.

Year Task Timeline

Complete two semesters of SOC 300a, as well as five other courses.

Teaching: No TF in the Fall. TF in the Spring (for students fully funded through the Sociology Department).

Petitions: End of the year, petition to designate your adviser moving forward.

First year: Upon the completion of six or more courses, students are eligible to submit a Master's research paper or complete the Master's exam in application for the MA degree (see description of MA in Sociology).


Complete two semesters of SOC 300a, as well as five other courses.

Teaching: One TF per semester (fully funded students). Between your second and fourth years, speak with faculty about RF opportunities.

By April 1 initiate QPD process: two QPD Committee members and corresponding areas of study designated and approved.

Petitions: Students requesting transfer credit from courses taken at other universities prior to matriculating at Brandeis should submit a petition to the Graduate Committee during the fall semester.


Complete two semesters of SOC 300a, as well as four other courses.

By end of second semester: seminar requirement should be fulfilled, and a publishable research paper should have been submitted to a peer-reviewed academic journal.

Teaching: One TF per semester (fully funded students). 

By December 1: third QPD Committee member and area designated. Petition the Graduate Committee for your QPD Committee.

By April 1: Student reports to QPD Committee Chair on progress to date.


Teaching: One TF in Fall semester, one RF in Spring semester (fully funded students).

By end of first semester, students should submit a petition to the Graduate Committee describing the RF project.

By December 1: Defend Qualifying Portfolio.

By May 1: Write and defend dissertation prospectus. Petition Graduate Committee with Prospectus Committee before the prospectus defense.


Teaching: No TF (fully funded students). Students are encouraged to work full time on the research and writing of their dissertations.

Students are also encouraged to apply for funding, through Brandeis and more broadly, to support dissertation writing in their sixth year.

Sixth and Beyond

Write and defend dissertation. Students are reminded to petition the Graduate Committee with changes to their Dissertation Committee, including adding an outside reader to the committee.