Editing a Captions File

Captions files may be provided to you from a vendor, or you may have autocaptioned a video. In either case, it is important to review the captions for accuracy and make edits as needed.

File Formats

The two primary file types for captions are:

Either file type can be opened and edited in a plain text editor

Making Edits

Focus on editing the spoken text and adding any pertinent sounds. The text can be edited right in the document.

You will notice some things in addition to the spoken text of the captions that should not be edited:

00:00:07.760 --> 00:00:10.180
I'll be telling you a little bit about the program.

This is the fourth chunk of captioning to display in the video. The text "I'll be telling you a little bit about the program." will appear on screen about seven seconds into the video and will remain on screen until about 10 seconds into the video.

 You can then save the file and re-upload it to the video site; or, provide to the vendor to re-upload. 


screen shot of editing a typo

Editing a misspelling

screenshot of editing captions to include French text

Replacing notes from the captioner with appropriate text

screen shot of editing captions to include laughter

Adding important sound cues