Electronic documents linked on a Brandeis website must be made accessible before they are uploaded and published. This ensures that users of assistive technology can access the information within the document.

Before you get started, ask yourself: can the content be made into a web page instead of uploaded as a document? Documents should be uploaded to the website sparingly. Want to transfer your PDF content to a webpage but aren't sure how? Email for assistance.

Recommended: Outsourcing Remediation

In order to make your PDFs accessible quickly and correctly, we recommend sending them to Crawford Technologies for remediation

Remediating PDFs on Your Own

You can also opt to be go through training to learn how to remediate PDFs on your own but this is difficult and time consuming. Instructions for each type of file are below.

Many of the tools built-in to Word not only help you, they make your document more accessible.

PDFs are a created from a variety of applications, so achieving accessibility often begins with the source document.

Some scanners on campus can produce more accessible PDFs compared to others.

There are best practices to consider when designing a presentation, even if you don't put the file online.