1. Load the UWS LATTE Shell from Box
  2. Install the Student Survey (questionnaire)
  3. Install Your Headshot
  4. Attendance: Take attendance with LATTE or have students record their own attendance.
  5. Backup and Restore: Migrate Your Course to a New Semester
  6. Free Resources —Add topic to courses created before Summer 2022 
  7. Lesson module — A lesson is made up of pages which may have content for the student to read, watch, or listen to, and questions for them to answer: multiple choice, short answer, or essay.
  8. Perusall — Connecting Perusall with LATTE
  9. Videos — Request course videos, movies, documentaries, etc., for students to access in LATTE
  10. Support

LATTE Workshop Video

See the list of timestamped topics below to find what you need.

Overview (Lisa)
How To, Demonstrations (Doug)