Required Language

Accommodations for Documented Disabilities

Brandeis seeks to welcome and include all students. If you have a letter of accommodation, or if there is any circumstance I should be aware of that may affect your learning this semester, please see me after class or come to my office hours. I want to support you.

Academic Honesty

You are expected to be honest in all of your academic work. The University policy on academic honesty is distributed annually in section 5 of the Rights and Responsibilities handbook. Instances of alleged dishonesty will be forwarded to the Department of Student Rights and Community Standards. Potential sanctions include failure on the essay, failure in the course and suspension from the University. If you have any questions about my expectations, please ask.

Comparative Genre Analysis (CGA)

Scholars from different disciplines make different choices when writing. These choices aren’t random, but reflect what people value in their writing. For example, the nature of evidence depends on the type of information that makes up a discipline. In science, evidence may be the results of an empirical study; in history, evidence might include primary sources such as historical newspapers and archival documents, in English, evidence may come from a single poem or novel. Understanding that different disciplines produce different genres of writing will help you better understand what you read. It will also help you have more awareness of your own writing in the future.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In this course, we will work together to ensure that students from all diverse backgrounds and perspectives will be well served. The diversity and identities which students bring will be viewed as a resource, strength, and benefit. To this end, we will engage with materials and activities that respect and honor each student’s unique experiences and perspectives. If anyone says something in class that makes you feel uncomfortable, angry, threatened, and/or excluded, please talk to me about it (anonymously, if you prefer). Furthermore, if you feel like your performance in this class is being impacted by your experiences outside of class, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I want to be a resource for you.

First-Year Experience, Critical Conversations, and Experiential Learning

UWS is the centerpiece of the First-Year Experience, which introduces students to the intellectual life of the university. As part of the UWS, students attend at least one Critical Conversation between faculty from different departments. The goals of the Critical Conversations are to build cohort identity and introduce students to scholarly discourse—including some of the ways in which our faculty engages with the world and each other. This course will also include an experiential learning activity to expand the boundaries of the conventional classroom.

Four-Credit Course

Success in this 4 credit hour course is based on the expectation that students will spend a minimum of 9 hours of study time per week in preparation for class (readings, papers, discussion sections, preparation for exams, etc.).

Writing Center

For the writing assignments in this class, I encourage you to make use of the Brandeis University Writing Center, which offers free writing support to all Brandeis community members in the form of in-person and Zoom face-to-face and e-tutoring document-drop appointments as well as workshops. Writers of all levels in all subjects — working on anything from their first college essays to lab reports, senior theses, dissertations, and job and fellowship materials — are welcome. The Writing Center’s team of expert consultants is on hand to help you with your writing project at any stage, from brainstorming, to outlining, to revision.

Every semester, the University Writing Center also holds a series of UWS workshops on each of the three major assignments. All UWS students are welcome to register for these workshops online.

Zero Cost Program

To promote equity and successful outcomes for all students, the Brandeis Writing Program has implemented a zero cost program. All required materials will be available online.

2020-2021 COVID-Related Language

In-person courses:

Participation: In this in-person course, the majority of instruction before Thanksgiving break will take place on campus in a physical classroom. However, in light of current circumstances it is understood that some students may at times be unable to physically attend. In such situations, you are expected to attend classes virtually via Zoom using this link: [insert link]

In-person and hybrid courses:

Laptops: In order to facilitate communication and connection with students who may not be physically present in class, you are strongly encouraged to bring your laptop and earbuds/headphones along to class. This will allow us to communicate with remote students via Zoom, if necessary. However, please bear in mind that active participation in class is expected; do not use laptops in a way that will distract yourself or your peers from the course material.

Student Safety and In-Person Class Etiquette: In accordance with Brandeis policy, and to maintain their health and the health of those around them, instructors and students alike will comply with current health and safety policies in this class. All in-class participants are required to wear face masks at all times during our classes and will maintain six-foot social distancing. All faculty and students must clean their work areas before and after each class session, using the sanitizing wipes and other supplies provided by the University.

All courses:

Zoom etiquette: Zoom class meetings should be treated with the same respect as in-person class meetings. To keep our online classes productive, please observe the following:

Teaching Continuity: Current events have reminded us all that campus closures, long-term absences, and other disruptions are possible at any time. As your instructor I will communicate with you about any changes to our course schedule and assignments via email and via our course LATTE page’s “Announcements” section, located near the top of the page. I also expect you to communicate with me about any unforeseen circumstances that might affect your performance in the class. If you have any questions about how unforeseen events might be impacting our course, please let me know in person, via email, or via our LATTE page forum.