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Jake Cohen '15 being 'blessed' by an elephant. Jake is a recent recipient of the Brandeis-India Fellowship program.



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Students applying to this program should have junior class standing and have significant college-level coursework in fields like math, physics, biology, chemistry, and computer science.

To open an application, please schedule an appointment with Candace Matta, Assistant Director, Brandeis-Led Programs by calling 781-736-3483 or by coming to the Office of Study Abroad in Usdan 169.

Application Materials

The Brandeis-India Science Scholars Program consists of:

  • Signature Documents:
    • Application Photo Statement
    • Brandeis/IISc Exchange in the Sciences Statement of Agreement
  • Material Submission:
    • Passport copy (valid for six months after the close of the program)
  • Informal Interview:
    • Students may be contacted to schedule an interview once their application is complete.
Before accessing the online study abroad application, you can begin the process by starting on the following application pieces. 

Application Statement for Brandeis/IISc Exchange in the Sciences

Your personal statement should include answers to the following questions. You may also wish to refer to the selection criteria before writing your statement. 

Your statement should be about 1,000 words in essay format. If you are applying to two programs, be sure your statement includes answers to all of the following questions for both your primary program and your alternate program. Failure to include answers to all questions for both programs may result in your application being denied. 

 •  What are your academic and intellectual goals for study abroad?

 •  How do your academic goals for study abroad relate to your overall academic plan at Brandeis?

 •  Why is your proposed program the best match for your academic goals for study abroad?

 •  What do you hope to gain from living and learning in a new culture?

 •  How do you plan to integrate yourself in your host institution and host city or town?

 •  What does the term 'global citizen' mean to you and how does your proposed study abroad plan relate to this concept?

 •  Describe the challenges you imagine you will face while living and studying in a different culture and give concrete examples of how you will deal with these challenges.

 •  How have you prepared yourself academically for study abroad in your chosen host country?

• How much do you already know about the history and culture of your proposed study abroad location?


Please upload a pdf of your resume in the online application. The application review committee uses the resume to learn more about you and all of your experiences, commitments and interests to date. The rest of your application focuses exclusively on your academic history and future plans as they relate to study abroad. Your resume allows the committee to understand the rest of your skills, experiences, and achievements.

Enhance your application by thoughtfully expressing your leadership, volunteer and work experience on your resume. With the right preparation and expert feedback you can stand out in the crowd. Learn about how to structure and write a resume from the Hiatt Career Center's online workshopview samples on their website and access a user-friendly software program, Optimal Resume, to create a clear, professional resume.

Once you've drafted your resume: have it reviewed and preferably approved by the Hiatt Career Center.


You must submit one recommendation from a science faculty member. In the online application you can email a request for a faculty member to fill out a recommendation form. However, since this email is automatically generated through the on-line system, we suggest that you first personally contact your recommender and inform him/her that he/she will receive the email request from the Office of Study Abroad. Please note that the committee will not accept a letter from a high school teacher.

If you have already requested a letter from a professor, your professor can simply paste that letter into our online recommendation form.; Alternatively, you may have him/her submit it to our office via Campus Mail or through an email attachment to

Application Decision

The application will be read by the admissions committee within a few weeks of receipt of the complete application. You will receive an admissions decision soon after the application is reviewed.

To hold a spot on the program, you will be required to declare your intent for participation and submit a $500 non-refundable deposit within ten days of acceptance. More details about what forms to fill out will be available at the time of acceptance.