Resources: Creating Conditions to Nurture Excellent Teaching

On November 3, 2011, about 70 educational leaders, policy makers and communal professionals gathered with Mandel Center researchers to discuss how to make Jewish day schools places where teachers can grow and thrive. Here we offer resources for further learning and discussion about this topic.

Report in Brandeis NOW about the community conversation

||  Community Conversation

Sharon Feiman-Nemser's PowerPoint presentation from the event: (PDF)
Tending the Garden: Creating Conditions to Nurture Excellent Teaching

Texts and discussion questions(PDF)
This collection of brief texts, with discussion questions, relates to the key elements that support the ongoing improvement of teaching and learning. We encourage you to use them with colleagues in your school to consider what improving teaching and learning might mean in your setting, what factors hinder the process, and what supports it.

|| DeLeT Longitudinal Survey

Project home page

August 2010 project report (PDFs):
-Full report
-Executive summary

||  Induction Partnership

Project home page; includes new induction video

Induction toolkit website

"Induction: It's Not Just for New Teachers" (PDF), a paper arguing that thoughtful and well-implemented induction programs can shape the culture and educational quality of an entire school.

||  Additional Resources for Further Reading

Bibliography of essential books and articles (PDF) on teacher development in both Jewish day schools and general educational settings. Many of these are available online at no charge.