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Caren Irr
Location: Rabb Graduate Center
Mailstop: 023
Phone: 62130
Fax: 62179

Creative Writing E Bradfield - 62145
Creative Writing S McCauley - 68213
Graduate Studies U Anjaria - 62162
Undergrad Studies W Flesch - 62142
Univ Writing D Skorczewski - 62141

Name Phone MS Office
Finch, Megan Gregory


Name Phone MS Office
Abdur-Rahman, Aliyyah781-736-2165092Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 218
Anjaria, Ulka781-736-2162023Rabb Graduate Center 239
Bradfield, Elizabeth C781-736-2145023Rabb Graduate Center 206
Broumas, Olga023Rabb Graduate Center
Burt, John781-736-2158023Rabb Graduate Center 141
Campbell, Mary Baine781-736-2146023Rabb Graduate Center 263
Chen, Chen780-736-2157023Rabb Graduate Center 232
Diouf, Emilie781-736-2161023Rabb Graduate Center 230
Flesch, William781-736-2142023Rabb Graduate Center 139
Goodheart, Gene023Rabb Graduate Center
Hoover, Michelle781-736-8664023Rabb Graduate Center 231
Irr, Caren781-736-2143023Rabb Graduate Center 142
Kim, Dorothy781-736-2286023Rabb Graduate Center 135
King, Thomas A781-736-2149023Rabb Graduate Center 244
Lanser, Susan S781-736-3093023Rabb Graduate Center 211
McCauley, Stephen781-736-8213023Rabb Graduate Center 266b
Morrison, Paul781-736-2147023Rabb Graduate Center 233
Nolden, Thomas023Rabb Graduate Center 135
Plotz, John781-736-2621023Rabb Graduate Center 264
Quinney, Laura781-736-2144023Rabb Graduate Center 131
Sherman, David R.781-736-8214023Rabb Graduate Center 136
Skorczewski, Dawn781-736-2141023Rabb Graduate Center 143
Smith, Faith Lois781-736-2094092Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 217
Staves, Susan023Rabb Graduate Center
Targoff, Ramie781-736-2148023Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 107
Tharaud, Jerome781-736-2140023Rabb Graduate Center 138
Weinberg, Marc781-736-2136023Rabb Graduate Center 226


Name Phone MS Office
Pannella, Lisa J781-736-2130023Rabb Graduate Center 144
Steele, Leah781-736-2130023Rabb Graduate Center 144

University Writing Program

Name Phone MS Office
Cavender, Kurt023
Cheah, Victoria023
Fein, Sarah Elizabeth Gardner023
Flanagan, Drew E781-736-2191023Rabb Graduate Center 226
Hodes, Nathaniel781-736-2191023Rabb Graduate Center 226
Jacobs, Elissa781-736-2168023Rabb Graduate Center 140
Kirshen, Douglas F781.736-4006023Rabb Graduate Center 339b
Lederman, Joshua B781-736-2571023Rabb Graduate Center 217
Li, Bofang781-736-5850023Rabb Graduate Center 323
Moore, Scott781-736-2628023Rabb Graduate Center 372
Nadeau, Katherine023
Nourse, Marsha781-736-3318023Rabb Graduate Center 140
Rourke, Lisa781-736-2739023Rabb Graduate Center 225
Ruesch, Gordon781-736-2137023Rabb Graduate Center 223
Skorczewski, Dawn781-736-2141023Rabb Graduate Center 143

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