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Location: Pearlman Hall
Mailstop: 071
Phone: 62630
Fax: 62653

Graduate Information - 62631

Name Phone MS Office
Birk, Lara
Fenton, Anny T.071
Fisher, Charles S071
Gillespie, Christopher071
Jordahl, Lauren781-736-2644071Pearlman Hall 108
Lucas, Kimberly D
Lucken, Kristen781-736-2743092Golding Judaica Center 23
Monroe, Nicholas Charles071
Ross, George W
Rybaczuk, Rachel
Snchez Ares, Roco
Schor, Diana
Skaggs, Michael
Skinnon, Jennifer J.071
Slodden, Caitlin Orlandella071
Stein, Maurice071
Strand, Michael J.071
Stroud, Irene
Suh, Siri
Vijayakumar, Srigowri071
Zarhin, Dana071

Administration-Graduate Programs

Name Phone MS Office
Hansen, Cheryl781-736-2631071Pearlman Hall 206


Villalobos, Ana - 781-736-2645

Name Phone MS Office
Cadge, Gwendolyn Anne781-736-2641071Rabb Graduate Center 120
Conrad, Peter781-736-2635071Pearlman Hall 102
Cunningham, David781-736-2633071Pearlman Hall 211
Fellman, Gordon A781-736-2642071Pearlman Hall 110
Hansen, Karen V.781-736-2651071Pearlman Hall 209
Hayim, Gila J781-736-2639071Pearlman Hall 107
Miller, Laura J.781-736-2643071Pearlman Hall 103
Reinharz, Shula781-736-2126079Epstein Building 104
Rosenberger, Chandler R781-736-2638092Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 106
Shostak, Sara781-736-2213071Pearlman Hall 207
Sirianni, Carmen781-736-2652071Pearlman Hall 210

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