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Heller School Staff

Location: Heller-Brown Building
Mailstop: 035
Phone: 63930
Fax: 63905

Name Phone MS Office
Acevedo, Andrea781-736-8657035Heller-Brown Building 249
Bagnyuk, Lyudmila781-736-3910035Heller-Brown Building 244
Bowser, Diana781-736-4811035Heller-Brown Building 272
Brolin, Mary F781-736-5737035Heller-Brown Building 254
Burack, Cathy781-736-3762035Heller-Brown Building 372
Campbell, Denise A781-736-3980035Heller-Brown Building 244
Carrelli, Rosella781-736-5120035Heller-Brown Building 123
Chapman, John781-736-3981035Irving Schneider and Family Building (Heller School) 220
Clark, Thomas781-736-3970035Heller-Brown Building 253
Corpian, Victoria J781-736-8387035Heller-Brown Building 123
Cummings, Meaghan E781-736-3939035Irving Schneider and Family Building (Heller School) 115
Dana, Beth A781-736-3814035Heller-Brown Building 270
Davis, Margot T.781-736-3850035Heller-Brown Building 248
DeMattos, Norma781-736-3866035Heller-Brown Building 112
DeWolfe, Deborah781-736-3123035Heller-Brown Building 217
Dunigan, Robert781-736-3988035Heller-Brown Building 253
Ellsworth, Joshua781-736-3885035Heller-Brown Building 155
Erbil, Can781-736-3963035Heller-Brown Building 202
Etlinger, Ronald J.781-736-3902035Heller-Brown Building 114
Fuchs Einhorn, Donna781-736-3826035Heller-Brown Building 223
Gudaitis, Anne Wentworth781-736-2723018Volen National Center for Complex Systems 262
Halasa-Rappel, Yara781-736-3831035Heller-Brown Building 270
Hall, Gail781-736-3812035Heller-Brown Building 276
Hardy, Erin781-736-3915035Heller-Brown Building 272
Hefele, Jennifer L.781-736-8479035Irving Schneider and Family Building (Heller School) 225
Hughes, Della M781-736-3609035Heller-Brown Building 343
Hurley, Clare L781-736-3983035Heller-Brown Building 276
Hutcheon, Michele Elaine781-736-3979035Heller-Brown Building 285
Isenberg, Lanni Nicole781-736-4835035Heller-Brown Building 376
Jacobs, Claudia63772035
Joshi, Pamela781-736-3912035Heller-Brown Building 366
Kennen, Elaine M781-736-3908035Heller-Brown Building 243
Kim, Meelee L781-736-3978035Heller-Brown Building 263
Kingsley, Christopher781-736-3777035Heller-Brown Building 370
Kreiner, Peter781-736-3945035Heller-Brown Building 250
Lanspery, Susan781-736-3739035Heller-Brown Building 373
Larson, Mary Jo781-736-3834035Heller-Brown Building 251
Lee, Margaret T781-736-3966035Heller-Brown Building 255
Lee, Sue781-736-3974035Heller-Brown Building 269211
Lombardo, Courtney G.781-736-3808035Heller-Brown Building 117
Lwin, Aung K781-736-3911035Heller-Brown Building 270
Mechanic, Robert E781-736-3969035Heller-Brown Building 221
Melchior, Alan L781-736-3775035Heller-Brown Building 343
Merrick, Elizabeth781-736-3917035Heller-Brown Building 261
Meschede, Tatjana781-736-8678035Heller-Brown Building 359
Mok, Yehfang781-736-3976035Heller-Brown Building 245
Panas, Lee781-736-3943035Heller-Brown Building 270
Perloff, Jennifer781-736-3935035Heller-Brown Building 213
Pineros-Shields, Alexandra781-736-3598035Heller-Brown Building 366
Prost, Carol781-736-3874035Heller-Brown Building 252
Purrini, Linda Alice781-736-3930035Heller-Brown Building 242
Razavi, Seyed Moaven781-736-8679035Heller-Brown Building 210
Reif, Sharon781-736-3924035Heller-Brown Building 259
Ritter, Grant A781-736-3872035Heller-Brown Building 268
Rosenfeld, Lindsay781-736-3859035Heller-Brown Building 355
Rubington, Alexandra781-736-3927035Heller-Brown Building 112
Santos, Palmira781-736-3967035Heller-Brown Building 225
Scanlon, Suzannah Lee781-736-3895035Irving Schneider and Family Building (Heller School) 117
Scanlon, Suzannah Lee781-736-3895035Irving Schneider and Family Building (Heller School) 117
Scanlon, Suzannah Lee781-736-3895035Irving Schneider and Family Building (Heller School) 117
Stewart, Maureen T781-736-3717035Heller-Brown Building 262
Strickler, Gail K781-736-3914035Heller-Brown Building 263
Techler, Michelle781-736-3799035Heller-Brown Building 381
Thomas, Cindy Parks781-736-3921035Heller-Brown Building 215
Tighe, Elizabeth781-736-3824014Lown Center for Judaica Studies 10
White, Terri L781-736-4830035Heller-Brown Building 260
Zeng, Wu781-736-3888035Heller-Brown Building 246
Zinner, Darren E.781-736-3971035Heller-Brown Building 208
Zolotusky, Galina781-736-3867035Heller-Brown Building 271

Heller School Staff is a subdepartment of Heller School Soc Policy & Mgt

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