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Paul DiZio, Department Chair
Mailstop: 062
Phone: 63300
Fax: 63291

Name Phone MS Office
Amichetti, Nicole781-736-3273062Volen National Center for Complex Systems 354
Atwood, Elizabeth H.
Berman, Ariel062Brown Social Science Center 015
Brickman, Sophie
Bruzzese, Molly781-736-3284062Brown Social Science Center 117C
Caira, Evelyn E781-736-3301062Brown Social Science Center 125
Cardona, Nicole Danielle
Chang, Frances781-736-3266MS-062Volen National Center for Complex Systems Volen 224
Cunningham, Joseph G781-736-3304062Brown Social Science Center 317
Desisto, Courtney781-736-3303MS-062Brown Social Science Center 89-125
DiDomenico, Grace
DiZio, Paul781-736-2043033Rabb Graduate Center 5
Engin, Elif
Gnatowski, Philip781-736-3302062Brown Social Science Center 131
Grigorova, Maria Dimitrova
Guha, Suman
Gutchess, Angela781-736-3247062Lemberg Hall 106
Gutsell, Jennifer781-736-3308062Volen National Center for Complex Systems 220
Hughes, Matthew781-736-5005062Brown Social Science Center 117B
Huie, Winnie781-736-3289062Brown Social Science Center 130
Jadhav, Shantanu781-736-3147062Bassine Science Building 301
Kasar, Atharva
Katz, Donald B.781-736-3268062Bassine Science Building 345
Kinney, Alexander781-736-3273MS-062Volen National Center for Complex Systems Volen 354
Knight, Raymond781-736-3259062Lemberg Hall 103
Kopelman, Eliza Moyer
Lachman, Margie781-736-3255062Lemberg Hall 107
Lackner, James R781-736-2033033Rabb Graduate Center 4
Lee, Yoon
Lichten, Lauren
Lin, Jian You
Liu, Xiaodong781-736-3244062Brown Social Science Center 106
Longpre, Nicholas
Lupis, Sarah781-736-2437062Brown Social Science Center 109
Maharjan, Dennis Mann Singh781-736-3285MS-062Bassine Science Building Bassine 303
Meng, Zhiqiang
Mitchell, Teresa Vann781-736-5333062Brown Social Science Center Brown 107
Pascual, Leila May
Penn, Lana Rose781-736-3273062Volen National Center for Complex Systems 354
Polito, Michael781-736-3252062Rabb Graduate Center 117
Rice, Jenna Louise
Rohleder, Nicolas781-736-3319062Brown Social Science Center 109
Scheirer, Jocelyn
Sekuler, Robert W781-736-3277013Volen National Center for Complex Systems 244
Snyder, Hannah781-7366-3272MS-062Lemberg Hall Lemberg Hall 102
Teshale, Salom
Wingfield, Arthur781-736-3270013Volen National Center for Complex Systems 363
Wolf, Jutta781-736-3297062Lemberg Hall 101
Wright, Ellen J.781-736-2809062Brown Social Science Center 128
Zebrowitz, Leslie A781-736-3263062Lemberg Hall 104

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