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Women's and Gender Studies

Gwendolyn Anne Cadge, Chair
Location: Rabb Graduate Center
Mailstop: 082
Phone: 63045
Fax: 63044

Name Phone MS Office
Day, Leanne P.781-736-3042082Rabb Graduate Center 106
Kearns, Shannon M
Lovelace, Vanessa L.781-736-3047082Rabb Graduate Center 108
Luis, Keridwen781-736-4884082Rabb Graduate Center Rabb 107


Name Phone MS Office
Antler, Joyce781-736-3036005Brown Social Science Center 314
Brooten, Bernadette J781-736-2978092Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 113
Broumas, Olga023Rabb Graduate Center
Campbell, Mary Baine781-736-2146023Rabb Graduate Center 263
Dibble, Susan781-736-3415072Spingold Theater Center 3
Ferry, Elizabeth Emma781-736-2218006Brown Social Science Center 220
Fishman, Sylvia781-736-2065054Lown Center for Judaica Studies 308
Fox, Dian781-736-3203024Shiffman Humanities Center 103
Freeze, ChaeRan781-736-2987054Lown Center for Judaica Studies 312
Giele, Janet Z781-736-3871035Golding Judaica Center 19
Gil, David G781-736-3827035Heller-Brown Building 108
Goldin, Laura J781-736-3075055Rabb Graduate Center 347
Harth, Erica L781-736-3213024Golding Judaica Center 18
Hunter, Deirdre781-736-4882082Rabb Graduate Center 107
Irr, Caren781-736-2143023Rabb Graduate Center 142
King, Thomas A781-736-2149023Rabb Graduate Center 244
Klausen, Jytte781-736-2762058Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 110
Koloski-Ostrow, Ann O.781-736-2183092Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 213
Mandrell, James781-736-3215024Rabb Graduate Center 130
Miller, Robin F781-736-3192024Shiffman Humanities Center 215
Morrison, Paul781-736-2147023Rabb Graduate Center 233
Reinharz, Shula781-736-2126079Epstein Building 104
Schattschneider, Ellen781-736-2219006Brown Social Science Center 202
Scott, Nancy J781-736-2664092Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 210
Shavarini, Mitra K.082Rabb Graduate Center 109
Singh, Harleen781-736-8485024Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 114
Smiley, Marion781-736-2792055Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 110
Smith, Faith Lois781-736-2094092Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for the Humanities 217
Tsipis, Judith E781-736-3165008Gerstenzang Science Library 140
von Mering, Sabine781-736-3227024Shiffman Humanities Center 209
Zebrowitz, Leslie A781-736-3263062Lemberg Hall 104

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