School of Arts and Sciences

Committee on Undergraduate Academic Standing

The Committee on Undergraduate Academic Standing enacts university regulations approved by the Committee on Academic Standards and Policy as they apply to individual students, and makes such exceptions as reason and equity may require.

The committee also hears all cases of required withdrawal from, and readmission to the university. It may authorize a subcommittee to carry out other functions. Appeals of decisions by the subcommittee are heard by the full committee. The dean of arts and sciences may decide to hear appeals of committee decisions. The committee also recommends to the faculty degrees and honors for undergraduates.

The committee is composed of the dean of arts and sciences or his/her designee, who will serve as chair; eight members of the faculty selected by the dean of arts and sciences and the dean of academic services in consultation with the four divisions, the Heller School and the International Business School.

Faculty who teach undergraduates from arts and sciences, Heller and IBS are eligible to serve. The dean of academic services, dean of student life and university registrar also serve on this committee.

The annual report of the committee to the faculty should provide a statistical summary of the cases it has heard and their disposition, and call attention to issues that might usefully be addressed by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the faculty.