School of Arts and Sciences

Tenured Promotions Committee

The Tenured Promotions Committee is a standing committee composed of seven tenured full professors in arts and sciences. The committee includes at least one member from each of the four divisions within arts and sciences, and has no more than two members from any division.

Three members are elected by the tenured faculty in arts and sciences; the other four are chosen by the dean of arts and sciences in consultation with the Faculty Senate and the division heads. One member shall serve as chair, selected each year by the members of the committee.

Members serve a three-year term and may be elected or appointed to a second term. After completing his or her service on the committee, a member is not eligible to serve again until two academic years have elapsed. Members of the committee will receive compensation for their service, scaled to the level of activity of the committee. The names of the committee members are in the public domain.

The full committee shall vote on each case brought before it. However, any member from the department of the candidate under consideration must recuse himself or herself from participation in the case. The committee shall establish three-person subcommittees to present each case to the full committee and to draft the committee’s report; subcommittee membership shall be held in confidence.

More information is available in Section V of the Faculty Handbook.

Committee Members (2023-24)

Name Start Date End Date Term
Elizabeth Ferry
2019 2025 3-year
Isaac Krauss 2023 2026 3-year
Fernando Rosenberg 2023 2026 3-year
John Plotz 2023 2026 3-year
David Rakowski 2018 2024 3-year
Piali Sengupta 2022 2025 3-year
Bernard Yack (Chair) 2021 2024 3-year