Theodore and Jane Norman Junior Faculty Research Leaves

Norman leaves are one semester fully funded leaves taken in a junior faculty member’s fourth or fifth year and normally may not be followed or preceded by a full year of research leave. Faculty who receive external fellowships for the same period may apply to have the Norman and fellowship combined for two semesters of leave at full pay.

Eligible faculty must consult with their departmental chairs and chairs of affected interdepartmental programs about the timing of their leaves. Chairs will notify the dean of arts and sciences about the requested semester for the leave and may seek course replacements on an as-needed basis solely for curricular reasons. Courses will be replaced at the discretion of the dean of arts and sciences.

Letters of reappointment will convey to assistant professors that they should consult their chairs about the timing of their leaves. Requests for leaves and any requested replacement courses should be made in the context of the department chair’s annual curriculum/budget-planning memorandum to the dean of arts and sciences in December for the following academic year.