Tel Dor Excavation Project, Israel

Aerial photo of coastline, Dig at Tel Dor, July 2 - August 3, 2018Tel Dor, one of the most scenic sites in Israel, lies on Israel's Mediterranean (Carmel) coast. The site was inhabited for nearly 2200 years and has produced one of the longest archaeological records of east Mediterranean coastal archaeology. Dor is important to the study of the northern Canaanites, Sea People, and Phoenicians; the northern Israelite Kingdom; the Neo-Assyrian conquest in western Asia; and the participation of the Levant in the east Mediterranean “koiné” during the Persian, Hellenistic and Roman periods. Beyond 'traditional' research of architecture and finds, Dor is at the forefront of the application of the archaeological sciences in such fields as radiocarbon dating, sediment analysis, residue analysis, computerized archaeology, archaeo-zoology and fabric analysis of ceramics.