A tentative schedule of thesis events


By the beginning of the third week of classes, seniors planning to enroll in an Independent Research course (GRK, LAT, or CLAS 99d) must have submitted a topic and draft prospectus to their advisor and second reader for their approval.


By the beginning of the third week of October, the senior must have submitted an expanded prospectus. If not approved, the student is transferred from the Independent Research course (99d) to a Directed Reading course (98a). If approved, subsidiary deadlines for chapters and rough drafts should be set.


By the beginning of the fourth week of November, the senior must have submitted a significant part of the bibliography for the senior thesis and a piece of writing from the text.


By the start of the spring semester, a full bibliography and a more substantial piece of writing are due.

Late February

Right after February break, a full first draft of the thesis is due.


By the second Friday in March, students will be expected to make an informal oral presentation at a Senior Thesis Event for the benefit of interested students and department faculty.

Late March

By the last Friday in March, a revised second draft is due.

Note: By late March, check with the department administrator to learn the deadline for nominations for the annual Doris Brewer Cohen Award. To be considered for this award, you must give your readers ample time to read your completed thesis.


By the end of the third week of April, two hard copies of the final thesis draft must be submitted to the advisor and any readers. The submitted draft must be carefully proofread with all typographical errors removed.

The formal thesis defense may take place in late April, early May or during exams, but should be scheduled well before the end of April. 

Early May

By one week before the final departmental meeting of the year, three proofread copies of the final submission are due. No postponements are permitted. Failure to meet this deadline eliminates the candidate from honors consideration.


At the department's annual degree meeting in early May, departmental honors will be determined. The level of departmental honors (honors, high honors, highest honors), if any, will be announced at the Humanities Diploma Ceremony, which takes place in mid-May.

Note: In addition to the above deadlines, subsidiary deadlines for individual chapters (and possible additional rough drafts) may be set by the student and the main advisor/s.