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Fellowships in Classical Studies

The Eunice M. Lebowitz Cohen Fellowship in Classical Studies

PolydusThe Eunice M. Lebowitz Cohen Fellowship in Classical Studies was established in 2006 to help support classical studies majors (and in some cases, minors) work on a year-long research or creative project in conjunction with a Classicist Faculty Mentor. The competition takes place in early spring each year.

For information about the Eunice M. Lebowitz Cohen Fellowship in Classical Studies, see the Research Fellows section of our website.

Past Recipients

Year Fellow Mentor Project

Sofia Grandsard ’20


Helen Wong ’19

Andrew Koh 3-D Scanning Technologies and the Bronze Reliefs and Flat Metal Objects in the CLARC

Taylor Mckinnon ’17

David Landesman ’17

2015-16 Mihai Chitulescu ’16 Studying the Dacians of Trajan’s Dacian Wars

Benjamin Poser ’16

Lower than the Angels: The Unalienable Dignity of Human Imperfection


Daniel Cline ’15

Leonard C. Muellner A Revised Transcription: Total Edition of the MS Venetus B Later-Hand Scholia with Line References
Brittany Joyce ’15 Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow Trinacria Trilingua: Language and Culture in Roman Sicily
David Landesman ’17 Cheryl L. Walker Construction of Lorica Hamata Chain Mail

Taylor McKinnon ’17

Patricia A. Johnston Recreation of a Plautine Play

Elizabeth Allen ’14

Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow A Detailed Analysis of Medical Instruments in CLARC

Benjamin Federlin ’14

Cheryl L. Walker The Bestiary as a Uniquely Medieval Institution

Kristina Birthisel ’13

Leonard C. Muellner The Homeric Multi-Text Project
2011-12 Alison Crandell ’13 Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow

Creation of a Pompeian House Model

Melanie Steinhardt ’13 Leonard C. Muellner

The Homeric Multi-Text Project

Delande Justinvil ’13 Cheryl L. Walker Ancient Roman Fashion
2010-11 Blake Kasan ’11 Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow

Byzantine Capitals in Special Collections

2009-10 The program was canceled for 2009-10.
2008-09 L. Aimée Birnbaum ’10 Patricia A. Johnston A Myth through the Ages: The Story of Theseus and Ariadne
Dianne J. Ma ’09 Cheryl L. Walker The Psychological and Cultural Influences on Ancient Roman Feasting
Alexander J. Smith ’09 Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow Preserving and Presenting the Classical Artifact Research Center: A Study in Conservation
Theodore Tibbitts ’09 Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow The Practical Side to Roman Wine
2007-08 Matthew A. Brown ’08 Patricia A. Johnston The Ideal Roman Statesman
Zachary Margulies ’10 Charles McClendon A Study and Exhibition of the Brandeis Coin Collection
Joshua Nudell ’08 Cheryl L. Walker Collapse: The Fall of the Western Empire and Continuation in the East
Theodore Tibbitts ’09 Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow Recreating Roman Cuisine for Modern Tastes
2006-07 Matthew A. Brown ’08 Cheryl L. Walker If Homer Made Movies
Kevin E. Goscinak ’08 Leonard C. Muellner An Examination of Primary Sources Concerning the Peloponnesian War
Alice D. Ittelson ’08 Ann Olga Koloski-Ostrow Guide to Greek and Roman Art in the Greater Boston Area

Photograph: Polydus (Victorious Charioteer For Red Faction) And Lead Horse Compressor, Centerpiece Mosaic, Imperial Baths, Mid 3rd Century C.E., Landesmuseum, Trier (Photographic Credit: Barbara Mcmanus, 1988), By courtesy of The Vroma Project