Minor in Education Studies

Are you interested in shaping how and what schools teach, understanding the role school plays in society, exploring human learning, or pursuing a career in an education-related field? Consider complementing your major with a minor in education studies.

An education studies minor will prepare you well for a variety of careers in related fields, including education policy, school psychology, higher education, and alternative classroom learning, such as museum education. It will also give you a solid foundation from which to pursue graduate studies in education-related fields.

To minor in education studies, you’ll complete six courses in all: two core courses, including Purpose and Politics of Education, and four electives from an approved list that covers policy, human development, and teaching and learning. If you wish, you may substitute an essay, thesis, or internship for the fourth elective.

Requirements for the Minor in Education Studies

Six courses are required to complete the education studies minor:

A grade of C or better is required in each course taken for credit in the minor.  Pass/Fail courses are not allowed.

To Declare the Minor:

A. review the requirements carefully 

B. complete the declaration worksheet 

C. fill in the ED Studies courses you have taken or plan to take in the appropriate semesters on the worksheet 

D. download and email the completed form to education@brandeis.edu